UNUECO Organic + Fair Trade peanut butter. Peanut butter made from organically grown peanuts, which also complies with international fair trade standards. UNUECO peanut butter is therefore certified organic and fair trade. UNUECO peanut butter is produced by Horizon Natuurvoeding and is available in 250 and 500 gram retail sizes.

What does UNUECO mean? UNUECO is Esperanto and means ‘unity, wholeness, integrity’. As a brand name, UNUECO stands for the connection between organic farming and a fair price for the farmer. Why organic + fair trade?
Fair trade promotes justice in international trade between poorer countries and wealthier (Western) countries. The farmers get a fair price, reflecting the true production costs. An increasing number of raw materials are meeting the international standards for fair trade and are certified fair trade. These now include a number of organic raw materials, such as peanuts. This means that Horizon is now able to introduce organic + fair trade peanut butter to the market.
What does UNUECO peanut butter contain? UNUECO peanut butter contains only roasted peanuts,
a small amount of non-hydrogenated vegetable oil and a little sea salt. The addition of a small amount of vegetable oil keeps the peanut butter spreadable for longer. Both the peanuts and the vegetable oil are organic, and the peanuts meet the international criteria for fair trade.